True Temper Spinner Tour Issue

True Temper Spinner Tour Issue

februar 10, 2021 Slået fra Af arthur35

Så er de tilbage til test 😉

Wishon Golf Nordic | Nordisk leverantör av Tom Wishon Golf Technologye

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For years, there has been a little-known trick used on Tour to increase wedge spin when needed: a longer length shaft. On Tour, these longer length shafts are referred to as “Spinners”. Using a longer length shaft not only increases tip flexibility but also reduces total shaft weight, resulting in a higher spinning wedge than a wedge with a standard-length shaft. True Temper is now bringing this Tour secret to the rest of the golfing world with the new Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft. When compared to the Tour’s leading Dynamic Gold S400, Dynamic Gold Spinner features a 5% weight reduction and longer, more active tip section to maximize spin and give you Tour player stopping power.