GMX Pro-Tour Clubhead Bending Gauge

GMX Pro-Tour Clubhead Bending Gauge Dette er en super lækker Loft & lie maskine som kan tage

Skrevet af Golfmechanix:
The GMX Pro-Tour Clubhead Bending Gauge is engineered like no other. We started with the successful frame from our 1505XX series, made it 25% larger, and built it over a heavy-duty steel backbone to ensure its complete rigidity while bending the toughest of clubheads. By evenly distributing pressure on the clubhead, we took our proprietary state-of-the-art isostatic soling and clamping pads to a higher level, to prevent slippages and inaccurate measurements.

This machine bends woods, irons, hybrids and putters in one easy setup. Currently used by major OEMs and custom fitting centers world-wide, the machine has proven its reliability and performance in the hands of experienced clubmakers. Bending bar sold separately.